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  • —Raphael 500 Anniversary "Emerging Artist’s Respond", The British Museum in London

Remember the works of Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino on his 500 anniversary and explore the parallels between his artistic practice and development to those of contemporary artists Erin Adderley, Crystal Chia, Yulin Huang, Hanne Peeraer, Ti-Jean Roberts and Eva Suhajek. Made when he himself was an emerging artist, the front (or ‘recto’) of the Raphael drawing on display shows his take on figures from Michelangelo's iconic Battle of Cascina, illustrating how he found his artistic voice by studying his peers. The drawing on the back (‘verso’) is of the Virgin Mary and is drawn using different media and techniques, showing the diversity of Raphael's drawing practice. The contemporary works on display illuminate key aspects of Raphael's process and subject matter and offer modern responses related to issues of idealised beauty, artistic development and the iconic status of Renaissance artists.
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—Ludicrum Playaria, Curating Collections at Chelsea College of Arts

—Touching 1989 in Prague Streets, The City of Prague Museum